She is there, this magazine staring at her.
She takes it, unconvinced she would learn anything. She goes through some pages.
#Horoscope #Leo page
They said sex was her drive in life
The way she expressed herself and her creativity
They said the planets would send her 2 types of men
One who would be there for her in all domains except in the bedroom
The other would provide her everything she needs in bed but nowherelese.

The planets, they said, would force her question herself on the link between love and sexuality .
A year goes by
There she is
The planets didn’t lie.
Mr.T, Mr. I.
Both there for her
At a different level
Physical or spiritual .
She kicked them out of her life though
She needed both
She wants it all
Love is a decision she said
And that day
She decided she would design her life
To love
And be loved
Fully .

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash


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