Being the eldest sister

The little brothers and sisters only see our ability to use and abuse our “right of birth”.
It is rare to talk about the duty of maturity and what difficulties it can cause in the life of an adult, especially a woman.
– the duty of exemplarity
– the duty of availability
– the duty, almost sacrificial, to be first and foremost the elder before being yourself

When I’m in a coaching session and I recognize in the person who speaks to me some common traits:
– I do not know how to say no
– I accept customers at any time of the day or night
– I feel guilty to refuse some customers
– I say yes to meet the needs of my client, even if it does not fit in my area of ​​expertise
– I have trouble claiming my

When I recognize these traits, I ask systematically: are you be the eldest of your family? I get the answer yes in 95% of cases.
Do not ask me how I know it, I just know my job.

Dear eldest sisters, know that you also have the right to be yourself, to set limits, to ask for help, not to be available, to be there for you too.

And if you need help learning to say no, feel free to schedule your first call with me. It’s free


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