It’s been a while

They had not seen each other

For more than 10 years

Her belly got thicker

She was not at ease

Room 765, she told him

Sure she gave him the information already

One hour later , he entered the room

There she was, on this bed, horny

She could not believe she was there

In front of the first men who came inside her

She was ready to offer herself again

More than 10 years later

All this time, she had been waiting for this moment

Where he would glide his hands in her sacred

Kiss her, tell her how beautiful she is

Lick her, tell her how tasty she still is

She did not want to make any move

She was excited, yes, but she wanted him to be in charge

To make love to her, comfort her, reassure her,

With his magic finger, his magic tongue, his magic cock

She knew he had this power

When he went down on her

So slowly her all body started shivering

She held her breath first, then deeply breathed

Her mind was in the clouds, she was meditating

He started licking, the peak of her clit

Sucking her, before a second lick

Stronger, then a bit faster

Baby please don’t stop,

Make it last forever

She wanted to return the favor

And take his cock in her mouth

While he was licking her

She just could not, focus on both

Giving him pleasure and take her own

He did not ask for anything though

Taking very seriously his mission

His assignment for the day

Make her cum papy,

Her man doesn’t know how to play

Her nectar was becoming lighter

Her cream turned into juice

It was time to invade her

She was so tight, it was so smooth

Her delicate moaning

Her shy and sweet voice

Turned into heavy screaming

The dragon was unleashed

The fire was burning

I want to feel you deep

Inside of me honey

He stopped for a moment

Kissed her and executed her prayer

She could feel all his strength inside her

His weight on top of her

His sweat flowing on her skin

His power getting bigger from within

His moaning came from the depths of his soul

He wanted to please her so much, that he lost all control

He hit so hard inside of her, she could not keep it

She asked him to go faster though, her hands on her clit

Her waist beads were magnetic

Their sounds were hypnotic

The music they were doing together

The beats, the sounds, stayed in their minds forever

She felt her womb contracting

She couldn’t take anymore of him

Her legs were shaking

Her breath, shorter, non existing

Her orgasm was so deep

True expression of her love for him

So true she did not feel him cum inside her

Without notice, simultaneously, they came together


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