Dear married man

Dear married man
Leave me alone
I am not a fantasy
I am living human being
Who cares who has feelings
You can’t just come to me
And use me as an escape
From the miserable life
You’ve built for yourself
A place you don’t have the guts
To quit. Therefore blaming the world
And playing me.

Dear married man
Keep your thoughts off of me
Stop pronoucing my name
Dreaming of me or even texting me
You are not able to fullfill my needs
Give me time, or energy
You should take the little you have left
To create the life you want
To raise your kids, be present
For urself, your wife
Who sure knows
You are abusing her love
Who sure knows
Everything about me

Dear married man
Why are you so lazy
It’s so easy I know
To run away
Fucking around is so easy

Oh married man
Please leave me
And as a matter of fact
You can’t even handle me


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