About me

Hello and welcome home!
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Clarisse LIBENE, I am a holistic practitioner and healer raised in France by a Senegalese mother and a Congolese father.
My art is to heal women’s womb through words, sounds, and rituals that were passed down to me by my ancestors.
I come from 2 families of traditional healers and spiritual teachers and my ancestors on both sides have urged me to open a house of wellness in Anjou, France, a mission I am so passionate about.
Here I will share with you my own spiritual practice from which you will be able to get inspiration from, tips, advices on African spirituality for you to heal.

Enjoy this journey!

For more specific advices, feel free to go directly to my YouTube channel and if you feel like you want to go any further with me, you can schedule a call with me. It is free. During this time together, I connect with your guides and gardien angels to give you the messages that you need to hear. I also do an energetic diagnosis that can help me establish your personalised healing protocol. Feel free to book your session here.
That being said, tell me more about you! I can’t wait to know where you all come from !