1to1 Coaching & Therapy

I offer you the private space you need to learn, heal and transform yourself

I accompany the lives of women and men who wish to transform their lives and transform themselves. I give you appointment under the palaver tree.

My approach is based on 5 pillars:

  • Conversation and story telling: in many African traditions, we solve our problems under the palaver tree. I offer you a sacred and protected space to free you from what makes you suffer, blocks you and hinders you. To no longer allow your past to ruin your present. I see get home by phone or video conference, across the French-speaking world. I invite you, in the manner of the griots, to tell your own story to write, in conscience, the new chapters of your life
  • Energy work & connection to guides and ancestors: during all our work together, I am a messenger who helps you to ask questions to your guides & ancestors protectors, to clean you karmic links that clog you, to receive messages that you need to receive.
  • Plants: I guide you and advise you in the use of plants of the African pharmacopoeia
  • Massages: as part of my retreats and my private consultations on request, I realize for you energetic massages allowing you to release the energies and connect you to your deepest self
  • Guided meditations, music & dance: I was blessed with a path with a particular vibratory frequency which, as my clients say, soothes, comforts and transports. I use my voice as a healing channel through guided meditations and regular audio messages.

My areas of expertise

  • sacred feminine,
  • sexuality,
  • fertility,
  • creativity,
  • burn out,
  • separation & divorce

How to work with me

My accompaniments last 3 months minimum. The first consultation is always offered. It allows me to know if we are well connected and if I have a solution to bring you. As a result, I will make a proposal for tailor-made accompaniment.


On estimate only

Every client is unique, so are your needs.

So, I suggest you take appointment with me for a first coaching session offered to properly probe your needs and offer a tailor-made support solution.