When you try too hard to fit in a box

If you analyse closely the life of painters, writers, musicians and many other artists, their art is never linear.

At certain times of their lives, the way they express their sensitivity and view of the world evolves.
It takes different shapes and shades. Different notes and vibes.
When they do, their public who are used to seeing them a certain way, get confused.
“He is a rapper, is a dj, is a painter… I don’t know who he/she is”
The worst thing an artist can do is try to fit in a box. To fit in the category people are confortable to see him/her in.
Why? Because by doing so, they lose their power to lead and enlarge their tribe. They lose the ability to touch people’s hearts. They lose their art.
If you consider yourself as an artist and you feel “lost” in trying to “define” who you are, remember that there is no such thing as a box capable to contain You.
Follow your heart, and what shall come will.

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