Painful periods

I am often surprised at how little we know about our own anatomy, especially with regard to our genitals. I do not criticise anyone though, how much time did we spend at school to learn about this? May be 3 or 4 hours in our whole school life? (and they talk about eduction systems … sigh) However, I had to be interested in the subject. Every 21 to 28 days, we are really concerned by how it works, but we prefer to say ohhh … well, it’s just like that …

For example, I taught one of my clients last week that it was not normal to have painful periods at all. They can be caused by many factors, one of which we do not think at all, is the weight of our intestines and bladder. When we do not properly evacuate the food, when we are constipated or holding our urine (yes this thing you do since kindergarten because the toilets are dirty ….), the intestines and bladder go keep a lot of waste and press the uterus. When it prepares to get rid of the endometrium and gets in motion 7 days before the start of our period, caught between the bladder and the intestines, it contracts even more and cramps appear.

This is why West African women traditionally perform elimination rituals before their period, thanks to plants such as kinkeliba, known for its diuretic properties and the vetiver or tiep, known for its help. to eliminate the endometrium. We will also favor a diet rich in fiber to promote the elimination of waste, increase consumption of water and herbal teas.

Personally, I have no more painful periods for a while and I do not have any more signs of PMS on my face that were still getting on my nerves  a year ago. The only thing that still tires me and on which I work is fatigue, which I really can not control, but I also learn to tell myself that if we are tired, it is for a good reason.

And you, how do you manage the painful periods? If you do not have a solution yet and you are looking for a natural and safe way to do it, feel free to schedule your free call with me.


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